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Skacel Denise Interchangable Aurora Yarns
Omega indian lake artisans Westminster Fibers
Aurora Yarns Sassy Skein Knitting Pure And Simple

in this issue


Ladies Who Launch
Stuff You Love, by Daryl Brower

Mid-Gauge Machine Magic
Deliberately Dropping Stitches,
by Mary Anne Oger

Skirts Rule at The Knitting Studio
Shops that Pop, by Marija Zagarins

From Sticks to Skiis
Hannah Kearny, Knitting Olympian, an interview

State of Drape
Yarn Review, by Vickie Zelizo

Up and Across
Knitting Up, then Across, by Lorna Miser

YO, Drop It!
Yarnovers Coupled with Dropped Stitches,
by Lily Chin

The Knit and Crochet Collection
1 Short Story – Knit
2 Short Story – Crochet

Mid-Gauge Machine Magic
3 Lots ‘o Lace Cardi

The State of Drape
4 Just Relax Vest
5 Twofer Shrug
6 Shape Shifting Shawl
7 Lee’s Skirt
8 Block & Drape

Re-Imagined Classics
9 Maple Sugar Cardi
10 Aran Alternative
11 Re-Invested
12 Symphony Shawl
13 No Cold Shoulder

YO, Drop It!
14 Drop Over Capelet
15 Wear All-Ways
Infinity Scarf/Wrap
16 Long Ladders Tunic
17 Cream of the Crop
18 Lady Grey Topper

At First Blush
19 Beaded Bows Shawl
20 Blushing Beret
21 Perfect Peplum
22 Softly Spring Sweater
23 Such a Clutch

April Showers
24 Hip to be Square Baby Blanket
25 Smocked Topper
26 Waving Lace Baby Blanket
27 Baby Booties & Bonnet Set

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