Insulated beautiful ⠀ Free description scarves from the wool Mink from Anne ⠀ Yarn:…

❄This beautiful insulated

Free description scarves from the wool Mink from Anne @knittedbird

Yarn: 100g consumption
Spokes N 5
The size of the gusset plate 145/53 cm

Knitting scarf we will be with edges, i-cord, this method eliminates the Curling edges! (see the video in the carousel)

Divide yarn into two equal parts ( 50g)
Dial on the Spokes 5 loops
Provarite the first rows, as shown in the video:
In the back rows remove the first and last two loops back (thread before work)
In the front ranks provarite the first two loops facial, proverite third, proverite loop under it (a loop of the previous row), finish several front

Knit next, so to half Hanks or desired width of scarf

After the last increase provarite purl row, removing (not promazyvaya) first and last two loops. Then the front row – all loops facial
Then another purl row, removing the first and last two loops

Now we start to do the subtraction
In each front row provarite the first two loops, then two loops along the front with a slope to the right, the rest of the loop front to the end of the series
Purl rows promazyvaya, as in the first part of knitting.

When there will be 5 loops, close them in any way.
🧶Mink knitting scarves is available –
20 different shades
(on the website – section

Price: 280₽/50₽

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