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A set of spokes with detachable line Addi-Click Nature Olive

The spokes of the olive tree is incredibly durable, convenient and beautiful tool for the job. Treated with natural wax, which provides the necessary sliding of the yarn, fast and pleasant process of knitting. Spokes has gained immense popularity when the company Addi began producing them in the form of regular circular needles. Now, by popular demand, this kind of spokes are decorated in the form of a set of click-system.

In set: 8 pairs of needles:

3.50 mm
3.75 mm
4.00 mm
4.50 mm
5.00 mm
5.50 mm
6.00 mm
Of 8.00 mm

3 the length of the line:
60cm -80cm -100cm

Adapter to connect two lines to achieve higher or desired length
Ruler to determine the size of spokes.

💓the kit price – 12000₽ the price of individual spokes from 1250₽

Have I to choose yarn, needles, POM-poms
and you can place your order on the website have this

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