SALE! Have Drops summer sale! -40% cotton -25-30% -the rest of the yarn. —— ⠀…

Have Drops summer sale!
-40% cotton
-25-30% -the rest of the yarn.

🎁Conditions of the order:
1) Order from 1 ball
2) shipping
💥 to SPb💥
3) 100% Payment to the card of the savings Bank to
July 10.
3) shipping from 300 ₽ Russian Post, courier SDEK rates.

Have I to choose yarn, needles, POM-poms
and you can place your order on the website have this
🌟Malabrigo Sock-1250₽
🌟Air 325₽
🌟Alaska 128₽
🌟Alpaca 218₽
🌟Alpaca Boucle 227₽
🌟Andes 310₽

🌟Baby alpaca silk 333₽
🌟Baby merino 205₽
💖Belle 111₽
🌟Big merino 205₽
🌟Big Delight-370₽
🌟Brushed Alpaca Silk 180₽

💖Cotton Light 72₽
🌟Cotton Merino 222₽

🌟Delight 209₽
🌟Eskimo 142₽
🌟Fabel 162₽
🌟Flora 162₽

•Glitter 153 ₽
🌟Karisma 170₽
🌟Kid Silk 295₽

🌟Lace 330₽
🌟Lima 162₽
🌟Melody 289₽
🌟Merino extra fine 205₽
💖Muscat 110₽

🌟Nepal 162₽
🌟Nord 154₽
💖Paris 65₽
•Polaris 270₽
🌟Puna 200₽
💖Safran 80₽
🌟Sky 320₽

Drops ❤you N7 – 70 for you!
Drops ❤you N8 – 75₽
Drops ❤you N 9 – 70₽
🌟a set of detachable spokes Pro Delux Romance ( wood)-3900 for you!

🌟a set of detachable spokes Pro Classic ( metal)-2800₽

🌟set stocking spokes Pro Romance ( wood)-2700₽

🌟set stocking spokes Pro Classic ( metal) is 1400₽

🌟set of hooks Pro Romance ( wood)-1500 for you!

🌟set of hooks Pro Circus ( metal)-1700₽

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